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In Spectacular Style August 2, 2009

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In an episode of Friends, Joey explains a theory of cheating: if you’re going to cheat, you do it with someone really hot. He’s telling Phoebe this in regards to eating meat (something she’s craving while she’s pregnant). Rather than letting her “cheat” with a sandwich, he pulls a steak out of the freezer and says, “If you’re going to cheat, do it right.”

I’ve been on a strict diet since the middle of June, but yesterday, my parents and grandparents came up to celebrate my dad’s birthday, something we’ve done since I moved here. I always try to make some kind of treat for my dad. One year it was chocolate oatmeal cookies, last year it was a banana pudding, and this year, I went with a recipe I found, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake.

It is every bit as sinfully delicious as it sounds, a perfect way to cheat.

The original recipe can be found here, which is what I used for the crust and filling. The baking directions and topping I used came from the blog I read where I actually found the recipe: here.

I documented the process in photos. I’m certainly no food photographer, but this cake looks good even with my lack of photography skills.

I have a cheap food processor that I rarely use, but I have all the confidence in the world in it now. It pulverized an entire package of Oreos and some roasted peanuts, leaving very few large chunks.


Butter (the recipe didn’t specify, but since I used unsalted peanuts, I used salted butter) added, I pressed the crust into my springform pan. The recipe calls for a 10-inch pan, but the biggest I could find at Kroger was a 9 3/4-inch (bizarre!). It made the crust thicker on the bottom (and probably made the filling more dense later), but it also allowed me to have crust all the way up the sides, like a Reese’s cup.


The recipe didn’t say to refrigerate the crust while preparing the filling, but I did anyway because it’s how I’ve always made cheesecakes. I think it helped.

The filling is much more peanut-butter-colored than it appears in this picture, and it’s deliciously creamy. [aside: dropping the beaters into the water in the sink was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. damn diet!]


Then it was time to open the Reese’s cups, chop them, and fold them in. I used the regular size cups and chopped them into 9 pieces. With pieces that large, they’re not spread evenly through the batter, but they pretty much retain their shape, so you get a nice bite of Reese’s cup in the finished product.

reesescups reesescupschopped

The cups folded in, I poured the batter into the crust. I didn’t scrape the bowl because it was full to the tip-top without it. I imagine with a 10-inch pan, it wouldn’t be so full.


Then the 4-hour baking process began. I forgot to take a picture after the cheesecake came out of the oven and went into the refrigerator to chill overnight (oops!). The next morning, I made the super easy topping and spread it over the top of the cake.


It chilled from about 10:30 in the morning until 7:30 or so that night, obviously far longer than it had to for the topping to set. After dinner, I opened the candles, and it was par-tay time.


The to cut it. I was a more than a little hesitant to eat any when I saw the nutrition information, but when actually slicing into the cake, I realized the serving size on the chart was beyond huge. I took this picture after all 5 of us had had a piece.

(not the prettiest picture because on the first piece, quite a bit of the crust stayed on the pan due to the slight lip on the base of the pan)

Because the cake is so rich (and delicious!), a little sliver is more than enough, especially after a meal.

Obviously this isn’t a cake I could make (and eat) all the time, but the recipe is definitely a keeper.

And my dad loved it.


One Response to “In Spectacular Style”

  1. laughn Says:

    Ack! I think I gained 5lbs. just reading this blog! LOL

    It actually looks and sounds delicious.

    I’m sure your dad appreciates the sacrifice you made to eat some. ;-)

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